Lia Santini is a Seattle based artist. Aside from her time spent in California pursuing her Studio Art degree from the University of the Pacific, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest. The beauty and vastness of the nature that surrounds her leaves no shortage of creative stimuli for her printmaking. She has taken her greatest inspirations from the seascape, with many art pieces dedicated to exploring what could occupy the sea beneath its surface. Perhaps it was the water alone that won over Lia’s heart, or maybe it was spending the entirety of her life as a competitive swimmer; either way,both her passions and motivations, similar to the Orcas featured in her work,rise from the depths of the sea. Her art is continuously showcased in galleries both local and national, as well as in the possession of private buyers. Lia is continuously thinning the line between imagination and reality, proving that,like the ocean, art is boundless. 

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